Patient Support Program Advisory Practice

PSPs are now an essential component of pharmaceutical operations, providing key product support in a fragmented health care system. PSP models are rapidly evolving, and pharmaceutical teams need reliable and consistent input on how to develop programs that deliver value. Until now, there have been few services in Canada dedicated to guiding PSP teams through PSP planning and execution process.

To help PSP Leaders, MATRIX has established a formal PSP Advisory Practice. MATRIX is now offering an array of services that will provide pharmaceutical teams with evidence-driven insights, comparative intelligence, and expert advice throughout the product life cycle.
The Advisory Practice will support PSP Leaders through 2 core offerings.

(1) PSP Insights: Canadian Life Science Network (CLSN) (Membership required)

MATRIX will continue to build on the success of their Canadian Life Science Network (CLSN) for PSPs launched in 2017. This unique network with 9 charter member manufacturers provides peer-to-peer actionable insights and PSP benchmark data to assist pharmaceutical manufacturers with the operations and planning of PSP strategies. MATRIX will continue to offer memberships in the CLSN, providing exclusive offerings, comparative services, and early access to published reports.

As a part of the CLSN for PSPs, we will continue our annual PSP Summit. We have run this Summit for the last 2 years for Network Members as well as other manufacturers outside the Network. The Summit has provided a unique platform for PSP Leaders to network and discuss in-common issues. These meetings have had an excellent response with 20 companies attending each year. Details of the PSP Summit 2019 will be released soon.

CLSN PSP Membership

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CLSN PSP Membership Renewal

Details for Year 2 Members

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PSP Consulting Services

MATRIX will be now providing a broader selection of PSP consulting services for all pharmaceutical manufacturers. For those who may not want a full CLSN membership, there is now the option to select services for specific PSP development needs. These services include: organizational alignment, program planning, RFP support, KPI development, data analysis, etc. Education sessions and support for those new to PSP development are also available.

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Strategic Partners

As the new “go to” resource for pharmaceutical PSP leaders, MATRIX has partnered with knowledge experts who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and capabilities to the PSP Advisory Practice.